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When to press "yes I approve delivery" / complete order

first time using fiverr. I placed a custom order with a seller to help me create a bot. Delivery date was yesterday and I have 72 hours to “approve” the delivery. Seller is supposed to help me set up the bot as per our conversation, which has not been done yet, although the file has been uploaded. Was just wondering when I should approve the delivery? when everything is set up and working as I expect? and if the 72 hours is coming up and that hasn’t been done yet, do I click the “I’m not ready” to approve button. Thanks!


If you haven’t received everything from the sellers, then don’t accept the delivery because the order will be marked as completed after that!

In your case, since the seller didn’t provide everything that they should have, then I would suggest sending them a message to let them know or requesting a modification/revision.

I hope this helps!


Hello Belgusz,

Welcome to Fiverr forums. I will answer your issue, as you are expecting a delivery from my own category.

In your order page, you will see their delivered files. Carefully check for delivered files. In most cases, you will find a ZIP file (as most sellers deliver automated applications in a single ZIP file). Try do download and execute that file according to the seller’s instructions.

If you couldn’t see any attachment in the delivery, contact your seller through Fiverr inbox. Explain the situation and try to get a solution from him. He will re-deliver the project if there something wrong with the delivery. If it’s not functioning according to your initial requirements, you can simply ask for revisions (but make sure to ask it before 72 hours).

After completing everything, you can just accept the delivery (when it’s working as promised).

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Welcome to fiverr. If you like sellers provided item and you are satisfied then you can approve.No need to wait for 72 hours. But if you think you need more then request a revision and yes as said others above do this within 72 hours . Otherwise it will automatically complete.
Thank you.

Request a revision before your 3 day period is up.

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