When to push Valentines Day gigs?


So as we all know, Valentines Day is coming up and i added a few gigs for valentines day already. I know its a little early but i figured the earlier the better. Do you think i am right on this or should i wait to push my valentines day gigs? Here are two of them just in case you want to check them out :wink:




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Hmm, I’m sure some people would like something kinky for valentines, so yes, depending on how you use it, it can be classified as a Valentine’s gig, maybe draw a red heart along with the message.

Just be sure not to get “too” kinky, though!


Aw they are great! I’m wondering if mine could be classed as a Valentine’s gig haha



I actually edited my existing gig into a Valentine’s version a few days ago too,

also posted it in the “My Fiverr” gig area which is a start, I added “Valentines” in the title and tag words.

I guess I’ll see how things go for a few days, and once it’s February I’ll start promoting again like crazy!

I’ve had several orders in the past few years, and OH those messages people create for their loved ones…they sometimes make me blush, but you always feel warm and fuzzy afterwards which is a nice feeling. You can feel the loooooooooooove. :smiley:

Good luck to all of us with Valentines day gigs! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


@rachelbostwick thanks i hope i can make some sales on them. omg yours is so pretty!


@rachelbostwick thanks i hope i can make some sales on them. omg yours is so pretty!


Those are super cute :slight_smile: I bet you’ll sell a ton of them.

Here’s mine :smiley:



I think right now is good!


@zeus777 Oh okay good luck with your gigs!


Today I had my first order for Valentine’s Day card so I guess people are beginning to think about it.

My idea was a bit more childish:)


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Nothing special, the usual stuff like facebook and other social media.

Also when I get orders and deliver my gig, I add a short message telling them to

check out my Valentines day gig if they are interested.

I also sometimes repost my gig in the “my fiverr gig” section. :slight_smile:


@zues777 when it gets closer to February, how do you promote your gigs?


@ruxandradraws Congrats! It’s very cute :slight_smile:


Reply to @ruxandradraws: Totally adorable.


Reply to @wegotshoutouts: Thank you!! :smiley: