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When to Say NO to a Revision

Hi Fiverr,ss
I’m evovling on Fiverr and beginning to see all the tricks and pitfalls of being a Fiverr freelancer.
But here is a good one.
What do you do if the buyer claims your not pronouncing a word correctly in their voice over?
Fortunately I speak Queens English and speak another language. This tends to happen when there are non English words in a script they sent.
This is normally comical because I have to always correct their poor English script without charge. This is an interesting point as Im sure a buyer will use this excuse to get endless free revisions or take a refund with voice over delivered sooner of later.
How on earth do you tell them NO with this catch 22 situation. And yes I Google pronounciations, so who’s wrong.


Trying asking the buyer to send you an audio file with the correct voice over and then just pronounce like that even if it’s wrong. You have provided the correct pronunciation at the first place so now you just need to satisfy the customer even if he/she wants a wrong pronunciation of the word.


They do , in this case it was Arabic phrase. I have actual middle eastern studies from way back. So my pronouncing of the phrase was what an English man would sound like saying it. Customers have to remember that a VO artist has his own style and dialect… That’s why they hired you. So expecting you to be perfect on religious phrases is a dicey thing to expect.

you cant unless you do hourly rate so its up to the client to chose :stuck_out_tongue:

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I lowered my word count seems to be a better strategy :smiley: