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When to start the timer?


My buyer has posted the job/money on a 5 day job. Its 2 days in and we are still bouncing around different concepts for the character Im to draw. Since he hasnt decided , though the sites counter has begun, am I really going into the 3rd day without a clue as to what to do?


Yeah might be worth also updating your gig information where they have to submit information at the start too.


Hey everyone.

I’m new to the forums, but not new to fiverr. I just wanted to offer some advice as to what I do. My gigs are all express. If the buyer doesn’t give me exactly what I ask for in the gig description, I will place a blank document as the delivered work to stop the count down. And then I let them know that I’m doing it and that they need to respond to my instructions. Works every time.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I had to deliver a gig this week even though we’re not done because my client is going back and forth between her client. The gig is delivered but I’m for sure still gonna rerecord an update. I just chalk it up to how things are.

“Buyers don’t know what they want.” - This is the case sometimes.

@tinymama - I would state instructions clearly in the gig about how you need their information, and you’ll still get folks who don’t know. I understand how you need that time as an illustrator to get it right but the buyer doesn’t seem to get it.

Some gigs are way easy to finish and some require more work. Some buyers make it simple and some make simple things more complex. It’s just the nature of the work here.


Reply to @bizgrowth:

This a great idea, I use it sometimes for buyers that take too much time to response.


Thanks for all of the feedback, It was quite helpful. I am starting to get the feel for how things work here, but I have a lot to learn! Im sure I will be back with more panic-induced posts! Thanks!!


Reply to @doyley3731: believe, it’s not useful… 90% buyers don’t even read gig description nor complete title!!! I’ve extensively talked about this with @madmoo and others and, sorry to say, this is a fact…