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When was it shipped? \"This order will be marked as complete in 14 days\"

The seller apparently send the item, so the status is: “This order will be marked as complete in 14 days”. There is however no indication when this was done, how can I see when those 14 days will be over?

screenshot attached

I’ve never purchased a gig with physical shipping so I’m not sure. I would suggest you just ask the seller when it was shipped. For purchase of physical goods I would read the gig well and ask the seller if they are going to send you a tracking number immediately after shipping. If they don’t have that in writing, it’s very hard to prove and the tracking number would usually have an ETA.

Thanks fonthaunt, I wrote already the seller asking for the tracking and day of shipping.
My order is already 2 months late, and the seller usually takes ages to respond to my messages, so I guess I won’t have an answer on time.
I am aware that I can just stop a gig and be refunded, the money will however stay on fiverr and there is nobody else that does the same gig, so I would need to spend more money somewhere else and have some blocked on fiverr.

Can you click on Notifications at the top of the page? That way you might be able to see when your seller marked it as delivered.

thanks for the tip, it helps somewhat: it shows “1 week ago”