When we are trying to work on your order please top chatting with us


I have some buyers who order and then I get right to work on that order, but they keep sending me chatty messages and questions as I’m trying to work, asking personal questions and other irrelevant things to their order.

This mindless conversation is not part of what I am offering with orders. Questions about your order are fine, but personal questions and an attempt at being overly personal and friendly with endless personal comments and questions are not. This personal relationship attempt to get close, as if you are trying to get to know the details of my life, is not part of the service.

My time is spent working on your order and delivering it. Please don’t ask me personal questions or say things like “I consider you part of my family”, or “I live in Santa Fe, where do you live?” I’m trying to complete your order! It’s a business relationship only.

Why do some buyers do this? (I’ve not had any females do this.)


I get that too – it’s troublesome as well, with potential customers… because I seriously don’t have all day… I was saying that this morning - it’s definitely concerning, if a buyer/potential buyer is to report how our interaction was, after each message… (if I got that right?)

I may not be as bubbly after the 12th message, when I am on a clock… lol


Even after I say I am busy working on their order and don’t have time for more questions, they continue and ignore what I just said. It’s inappropriate and pushy.

It seems like another version of the previous harassing messages I got on a $5 order where the person said repeatedly to everything I messaged them “can you go into more details about that?”


Yeah… super annoying for sure. I think people don’t see us as humans at times… and many don’t interact with us, using the same boundaries and etiquette as they would offline…

OMG - that makes no sense… sometimes I wonder if they’re sent to test us lol…


I can’t be rude but at the same time I need to let them know they are being inappropriate.


Me too… I’m a straight shooter, on and offline. I can’t tolerate abuse, or disrespect at all – but I won’t be rude. I’ll just be straight forward :slightly_smiling_face:

Always feel like I am walking on egg shells now though! Especially after what I read about reporting our responses lol - It’s so easy to misconstrue what people say in text because it’s minus all the normal physical cues we get in person, when we dialogue.

Although it’s funny that I can sense a problem with a buyer immediately.


I am not going to be drawn into a personal chat session where I answer personal irrelevant questions with a client, but this type can become very easily offended if we try to let them know that.

In the past I have cancelled orders where the buyer was persistently pushy about this.


Yeah that makes sense. Now it’s a bit more difficult to do that without compromising your status.


When I say I can’t continue to answer questions as I am about to begin working on the order, and the buyer replies “I understand. What state are you in?” what is going on? If my buyer reads this, sorry but this is making it difficult to work on your order.


Simply reply with “short-tempered and murderous.” That should shut them up.

Unless people are sending me messages which I haven’t already responded to, I just ignore these.

This is why when you go to the Zoo, they tell you not to feed the monkeys. As soon as you do, they just sit right by the cage bars all day screaming and flashing their bums at people.

You might be a Witch Miss Crystal, but you are also a virtual human Zookeeper. Remember that and you will be fine.