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When we depends on Fiverr

I am telling you three short story of my Fiverr no big deal.

Number one: January 6, 2015, I started to find work in online, there is lot more but when I visited to I found that there is something new than the others, here we can create work portfolio that we call Gig and the price $5 these two things attracted me. I create my first account I got restricted it was my fault, one by one I got 7 account restricted so I was very disappointed. Then I read the Terms very carefully (not first time) and I thought I can do again. At last this is my number 8 account I started again create a gig but I didn’t get any order, I was just following my heart that I can, I will, this is my passion that I loved (In this time I lost my academy education I didn’t care). Actually I wasn’t have enough money to pay the internet bill. I don’t know what to do.

Number two: August 2015 I am out of money. I heard that I have some neighbor who are work in a community they have a leader who have many reviews and lot of work in a big company. So one of them (the worker of leader, he is my worker now) offer me to do his work, I except immediately and started learning the work from him (the work was Business Listing which is my offer in Fiverr now). I visited him 3 days then I was curious what if I create a Gig about Business Listing? So I did, It was magically that I get a order within 24 hour, I was very surprised you know when you get your first order. Then it getting orders frequently twice a day, I was getting 5 star reviews from my buyer, I was getting orders 10 plus in a day (in this time the worker who teach me, he lost is his job the leader banned them don’t know why so I offered him that if you don’t mind I have some work, so he started working with me). Day by day I was getting top of the category and the top of the keyword “Citations” I was is in number one position in the Local Listings category and the Keywords “Citations” both. I was always did hard work and loyal to Fiverr as I loyal to every person I think. It was going great.

Number three: March 27, 2016, at 10:00 pm I see that my Gig is not anymore in the category or in the keyword result(I get a small bullet in my heart like the Serpico got once in his face), Immediately I contact with Fiverr they told me that I have 3 links in my gig (it was right I have my work samples from Yelp, Foursquare and Merchantcircle) when I create the gig Fiverr didn’t ask me that it is not right or something like that, I wasn’t know, is there anything article in the Terms, may be I was mistaken. No matter I did the wrong so I accept it. I removed the links from my gig and then I search for my gig, it is horrible my gig is in the number 80 of the search results of the keyword “Citations” and 60 of the Local Listings category. 5 days running I am not getting any order from new buyer. And my gig is going down, I don’t know what will happen in future. It is very hard time for me. Here is my Gig
If is there any solution it will be great, I am asking to every people in fiverr.( To admin: pardon me if I did anything wrong or break the rules, I think I am not)

Thanks Everyone.

You have 12 orders in your gig. Not sure why you’re worrying about anything. You’re doing fine.

@tenthtiermedia there is some previous order before 28 March and some of them are ordered by from there favorite gig, I was sending custom order to my clients to get new order and actually there is 10 orders in Queue 2 of them are false (you may know about the fiverr bug) but I am not getting any new order from new buyer like I was getting before 28 March because it is fired.