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When We Get Rating After Completing Any Order Of buyer?

I complete The The Order Of buyer A Week Ago But Rating Is Not Show On My Profile Why?


@hassan4613 when Buyer gives you Rating then show your Profile, i think this works buyer don’t give you Rating


Rating is not automatically left at your profile after you completed an order, it is left by the buyer if they wish to share their experience with the upcoming buyers.


Yes , its correct man .

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ok i got it
if buyer rate me then when it is shown on my profile?
kindly tell

When a buyer gives you a rating, Fiverr will send you a message to rate the buyer.

If you rate the buyer the rating will be on your profile instantly.

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OK Thank You So Much

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Hi, I have same problem. Buyer give me 5 star rating and I give also. But the ratings are not showing on my profile! What is the problem?

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Try complaining that to Fiverr customer support.

you’re a right thinking because it’s depended On Client