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When will end the site maintanance?

Hi guys…
The gig area is under maintanance from last few days.The impressions,views and clicks all are empty now.I am not feeling good about this.Anyone knows how many days will take for this maintanance…?

Hope that fiverr will correct it as soon as possible…I need fiverr back with 100% working

That’s not site maintenance. Site maintenance was supposed to happen the last week, but didn’t.

Impressions, views and clicks have been missing for a couple of weeks now, and nobody knows when it’s going to be fixed.

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The only value in that data is if your views are high but you aren’t getting orders.

Sellers put way too much emphasis on raising their impressions and views. It’s meaningless and doesn’t give you aany feedback at all.

Stop thinking your success is dependent on if you can see these stats. It isnt.


I don’t think so…The views and clicks are effecting our gig rating.

hi…bro than enganeya msg type cheythath

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Why would an analytics display bug affect how an algorithm works? They’re totally separate things and there is no way you could make a connection anyway. You have no tools to determine that context.

You’re assuming that because A) your performance is poor and B) you don’t have your analytics, that must mean A) caused B). It’s faulty logic and totally contradicts how algorithms actually work.

If I start coughing while I walk down the street, does that mean the street caused my cough? Of course not.

You’re thinking and saying this because you want to blame your performance on a bug.

If you want to succeed on Fiverr learn how algorithms and data analysis actually work and stop inventing faulty logic to blame your failures on.


You are speaking great…! Actuallly I am newbiee on fiverr.I just posted one of my doubt…that’s all…Thank you for your great advises…I will try my best to improve myself.

If you’re a newbie and don’t know, then why would you say this? Don’t say things you can’t corroborate. You’ll mislead people.

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