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When will Fiverr allow sellers to have full access to features on mobile?

It is 2020. As a seller I find it ridiculous that I can’t create or edit gigs, can’t withdraw funds, or do anything except reply to messages or make purchases on mobile. I should be able to do everything on my phone that I can do from my computer. And I shouldn’t have to download an app to do so. The website should be responsive and it isn’t! With all the developers Fiverr has working for them, as well as web developer sellers on the platform, they should have their mobile act together by now.


No you can use these features just on desktop.

Yes You can use all the features in desktop!

Yes I know that. Read my rant again.

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Oh ok @raquelsellsphil my mistake

I prefer a desktop. Maybe something like statistics that show more people use the web version might be the reason. There seems to be a recent increase in interest in mobile, but perhaps they don’t yet foresee enough adapters to make the cost worth it. Who knows, maybe they’re working on it already, but it’s not a high priority. Could also be that they already did try something but it failed a beta test.


Is it possible to access from a browser on your mobile for the desktop version of fiverr?