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When will Fiverr make a ranking based on the actual reviews


So, I work as a translator on Fiverr. My ratings are stellar, and my prices are higher than the cheapest sellers. When I get 3-4 orders in queue, I put my gig on pause in order to deliver high-quality. The problem is that when doing this, I lose ranking in the search engine. My gig isn’t in recommended anymore and there is no ranking based on the actual reviews you are getting. This system is flawed and hurts quality freelancers on the site. It promotes gigs that are most active and get most orders. It doesn’t take into account the quality of the work delivered. The algorithm needs to be fixed, because right now the scammers and google translators are at the top. They exchange reviews among each other and hope that clients who don’t speak the language don’t check the quality. There needs to be a ranking based on the actual reviews!


Are you sure that these gigs getting the most orders are all scammers who provide bad service?

It seems logical that fiverr would promote the gigs that get the most orders. They also seem to be promoting ones that routinely have the largest orders. That’s reasonable.

Instead of pausing your gigs you can set a limit on how many are in your queue. This might help. It’s also logical that sellers who never pause their gigs are going to be given higher rankings. They are there available more to accept orders.

If these others are using google to translate they should accumulate enough bad reviews to lose a level.