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When will Fiverr protect their sellers from Buyer SCAMMERS?

I have been working here in fiverr for quite bit already for 3-4 years. I do finances and research for clients, students and business people. I have encountered this one buyer that asked me to work for an urgent project, it’s a research work and financial computations for ratios for a merging company.

I made the research, write up like 8 -10 pages and calculated financial ratios etc., next thing i sent right away to the client in less than 24 hours since the client said he needs it very urgent. After a day, he returned back and said he needs revision, no need to do introductory and so on. I gave revisions for like 6 times with all the comments every time he answers back, then finally, he wanted a refund after a day.

This is such a rip off for me, because all my effort and work done here is already done, then suddenly they use my report, write up and computations, and will just want a ‘refund’? I can refund it if i know that i did not do a good job, but it is so ridiculous to refund something you worked hard for and you have nothing to defend for.

I tried to contact fiverr, but all they said is they cannot help me. such a shame. buyers and sellers should have equal rights here for protection. so many talents are working here. they should be protected as well.

The client’s name is: tooba_sid22

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There should be a deny- and block-button on the site. It should be possible to block people to prevent from getting contacted by them and or deny an order.


It’s against forum rules to call out buyers or sellers, so that will be deleted by a mod soon. This is because there are two sides to every story. You have my sympathies if it was a horrible client as you say, but looking at your reviews, I see that a recent negative one claims that you “got 51% of them [accounts] wrong” (NOTE: this is not the same buyer), a theme repeated by a rather high number of other complainants with professors and apparent coursework.

I do agree that there should be an AW HELL NO button available just to get rid of clients who come thundering in with more red flags than a communist vexillology convention, but I suspect that also means that Fiverr would have to reformulate their dodgy refund (credit) policies, which makes it unlikely to happen, despite both of these ideas being obviously good ones.

I’ve just run into a similar situation - I completed work on a buyer’s LinkedIn profile (admittedly, I was about 12 hours late on my delivery due to issues logging into the buyer’s account, and I was in communication with the buyer about this the whole time) only to have him request a refund of the entire $40 order. He insisted that my work was garbage and not worth the money he paid for it. I contacted Customer Support since he obviously liked my work enough to use it. They suggested a partial refund, which I felt was reasonable considering that I didn’t meet the original 24-hour deadline. The buyer agreed, but then wouldn’t follow through on placing the $20 order that would make up the difference after the initial $40 gig was cancelled. He acted as though I was trying to scam him out of $60, which was certainly not the case - I merely wanted to be paid for the work that I had completed and that he was already using on the LinkedIn profile.

By waiting the situation out, the buyer was able to force a cancellation against my wishes, and after that I was unable to contact him again. So I lost the entirety of my income from that gig after spending my valuable time on it, only to be told by Fiverr Customer Support that they can’t do anything to help me in this situation. Apparently all they can do is send the buyer a link to my gig and hope he does the right thing…fat chance of that happening.

I have approximately 90 5-star reviews for this exact same gig, so I don’t think I’m crazy in thinking that this particular buyer was trying to work the system to get something for free. I’ve never had an order where I was completely unable to satisfy the buyer…occasionally I’ve had buyers request modifications, but as long as they provide constructive feedback and have fairly reasonable expectations, I’m happy to make the requested changes.

Never before have I had a buyer request a total refund AFTER receiving their completed order. Frankly, if this is something that will continue to be a risk of doing business on Fiverr, I am strongly tempted to take my talents elsewhere…this is a side hustle for me, not my primary means of income. I refuse to be taken advantage of.

It’s great that Fiverr has so many protections in place for buyers, but it seems that this comes at the expense of the sellers…sometimes literally.

This Happened with me as well and its the Only Cancelled Order i have. Wasted my three days Just for a 5$ Job. I Offer two Concepts and i made him two after giving revisions(which i offer) he said that he wants two more concepts. I asked him that My Gig States Clearly that i offer only two Concepts in the basic order so He then said he Appreciates my work and He is Going to mark the Order Complete and he won’t pay more. So i said Ok. After Completing the Order he left a Negative review and i had to give him a refund to Remove that Negative Review.

I also got one customer ( christopherhaag ) before who asked to make a sketch of his portrait but when he got my finished work he claimed that it was not a real sketch, that I used some Photoshop filter to create. That it’s not drawn. That is not true. I explained to him my process using my Wacom tablet and if he wishes to order a non digital artwork (traditional) the prices are much higher. He did not reply… However just recently I received a CUSTOM ORDER REQUEST from him through Fiverr. But when I opened it… It was not an order request but instead just a racist remark


“you still suck. I hope you get murdered, you Philippino faggot.”

This is really bad to me and I hope Fiverr can do something about it



Arnold Ramirez

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BTW, you’re not allowed to name bad buyers. That said, I do think you should report this guy to Customer Support, as he is abusing you and this is a violation of the TOS. He may be banned, and if not, he’ll have a permanent record of being a shitty racist dickface.

thank you emmaki