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When will Fiverr Team fix the issue with dried orders!?

I think alot of people got this issue,what is happening Fiverr Team?
Some action would be nice…finaly?

Hey What are you talking about??

Looks like idiomatic Bulgarian has escaped into the English language! I’m afraid I can’t tell, either. Could be those gig offers, could be that bug where the usernames don’t match up with the actual user, could be that bug where ‘sales in queue’ doesn’t match the ‘my tasks’.

I agree! I’m not sure what I agree with exactly, but all of those issues require a fix!

Order ebb and flow is definitely not something anyone else can help with. Which “Fiverr Team” would handle that? Marketing can’t control individual seller sales. Customer Service sure can’t. People can give you tips and suggestions which is what the forum is for. The Fiverr staff team does not read “Conversations” in most cases and they couldn’t help with slow or no orders if they did.

Fiverr volunteers (admins) can’t do more than other users and offer you tips, but I don’t know what is causing your problem so I don’t have any ideas for you. Your profile picture appears to be stock to me at a glance, though I haven’t checked. That doesn’t help you but might or might not hurt.

Quite seriously, I get the to-do list issues though forum admins can’t fix that. I get that gig offers stick in the to-do list if they were spam. I don’t know about the sales in queue bug personally, but I’m not surprised. And, yes, Fiverr needs to fix those things but this forum is only a place to talk about it. I wish I could help more, but I can’t.

My question is - how does any of that definitely relate to the OP’s “dried orders” topic? Sure - bugs can affect orders - but I can’t make a clearly defined connection so I’d love to know if I’m missing something here.

Oh, I know, but you might have noticed I like moaning! :slight_smile:

I have come to the conclusion that dried means “stuck” (think ‘dried on’) as opposed to wet being all slippery and not so sticky. Think back to your schooldays when a simple joy was getting a wad of toilet paper, making it wet and throwing it at the ceiling and laughing as stuck there.

Or perhaps that was just my school…

We did that too, but with substitute teachers. They never stayed up there long, though.