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When will fiverr update finish

Can anyone tell When will fiverr update finish


Do you mean the impressions analytics N/A bug?


Yes sir, when it will finish? as a seller this is so important for me

Fiverr has not yet said anything about this. But they said it could take a few more weeks. So, don’t worry. :smiley: :smile: :blush:

I’m having a lot of trouble, because I can’t see how my gigs are performing

In 2 months.

And you will have to pay to be in front.

mam, I am a new seller. So i have to know my gig performance for update my gigs

If I am mam, what does that make you?

I am new seller too, I need GIG N/a too. But it is going to be another 2 months.

And when it comes your SEO is not going to work for anything since front places will be sold/ paid for.

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