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When will I be hired?


I joined Fiverr a couple of weeks ago. No offers on my gig yet. Any advice on getting my gig noticed and start making money :moneybag:



My advice would be just wait! You can’t make millions overnight right when you start. You can go on the buyer requests and do your 10 a day. That helps getting you noticed and possibly a gig. Also, try starting a YouTube channel! I have gigs where I set up YouTube channels and do the banners, graphic design work, ext! It took me around 2 weeks to get my first gig! Anyways, you could also lower your prices to start. Start small and work your prices up as you get more gigs!

Hope this helps!


You can check out my gig too if you want, I can help you, or at least try to do so.


Here is a post that will help you out even more:


Thanks for the share :slight_smile:


Generally, you “get hired” when buyers are looking for the services you offer, and click the green “buy” button on your gig. There really is no specific answer to your question, since sales are entirely at the whim of buyers who may be interested in your service(s).

My advice: Be patient, keep fine-tuning your gigs (to make them more appealing, professional and eye-catching), and don’t be afraid to market and promote them elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located.

Every business has to market and promote their products and services in order to obtain new customers. Your gigs are a business, and, therefore, no different. If you want sales, you need to reach out and appeal to your target customers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the great advice. I guess this works much like my real estate sales job. Get your brand out there, promote and be patient.


Pretty much. Gigs here on Fiverr are basically just like any business. :slight_smile:


you can use , buyer request section, that will help you to get clients. However, you will have to differentiate between the end-users (clients), and third-persons (middlemen)
A general rule of thumb is that end-users pay more than the middlemen