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When will i become 1st seller?


i created my fiverr acount in december 2016 after few days i deleted every gig and become out of fiverr for a long time,
Now, i created gig again and got 4 orders in 1 week… 3 orders completed and working on 4th order.
Give me some suggestion that how to become 1st seller and when?


you will automatically be promoted to level 1 once you complete 10 orders with good rating…


Check this link


thanks. and did cancellation effect gig?
i also cancelled 2 orders


ok but is their any other way to speed up rating


Increase your sale :slight_smile: You should activate online at least 12 hours. also sent buyer request daily


Thank you for help brother


you are welcome :slight_smile: carry on


Yes, your cancellation rate will affect how quickly you reach Level 1. The levels page only said to keep it “low”, but didn’t quite elaborate on what exact number that is.
I’m not sure exactly how low you have to keep it, though, as the levels page only said to keep it “low”. 4 active and 2 cancelled isn’t a great ratio, but I’m sure you’ll be able to even things out eventually if you keep working.


@somaginer1996 explained it well… Hope it’s clear now… :slight_smile:


i will try to make the cancellation rate low
thanks somaginer1996 .


10+ order Completion


thanks expert people


i am having same problem but its informative.