When will i get Level 2 position at Fiverr


Can anybody tell me when will i get Level 2 Seller at Fiverr. I think that it will be got when i will complete 40 order after 10 order completed.


Yes, 50 completed orders in 2 months with quality work and good rating will lift you to LEVEL-2… do not worry it will come…


Thanks for your quick response and appreciation. But i would like to know that 50 orders included 10 orders. In simple words 10+40= 50 orders. I am adding my 10 old orders and i will add my new sales +40 order completed. Can i know one thing i will complete 40 orders withing 2 months restriction or if i did not completed within 2 months period then i will not get Level 2 position


Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
Have a low cancellation rate
Find details here.


Thanks but i did not get my answer yet. I mean to say, if i do not able to complete 40 orders within 2 months then i will not get the position of Level 2.


After 50 orders bro, only then.


Thanks for your reply. i think that i got the right information from your side.

Thanks a lot!


no doubt man, glad I could help!


Your 10 orders are included in the total of 50. :slight_smile:
So 40 more orders in a total time frame of 2 months, beginning with your first order.


Thanks for your support!


For become a level-2 seller you have to done 50 order within 2 months & maintain 4.5+ rating…


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: