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When will i get my first ordr
i have this gig but i am not getting any orders…help


Hello… Welcome to fiverr forum… it’s better to send the custom offers to the buyers requests.


Yup ! send buyers request daily.

Just wait, it will come!

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i do.but no one replies

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Be Honest and Give your Best Service With Less Amount :slight_smile: Best Of Luck

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You have to keep Patience :grinning:

Sending custom offer to the buyer request is good way to attract the buyers. You can keep your price low at starting to get start.

Yeah I know frined… But keep In Touch… :slight_smile:

For this gig if you are not getting any order even after trying your best. I would rather say you to get some more reviews.

I see your other gigs have some conversions so try to focus on that until you get some reviews. It can then help your other gig too. If you keep going round and round around the gig you are not getting any order you might never be able to get any order on any gig.

Kindly Keep in touch with Buyers request option!