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When will I get next chance to become level one seller if wouldn't achieve all goals until evaluation period?

I’ve achieved all goals to become a level one seller but still, I’ve not $400. My seller level evaluation date is 15 June 2020.
If I wouldn’t earn $400 until 15 June, when will I get the next chance to go to level one?

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Evaluation day is ~ 15th of every month. If you don’t meet the requirements on the 15th of June, you’ll have to wait until the 15th of July to be reconsidered.


Oh… I was just thinking about that.
Thank you.


So you haven’t met all the goals?

15th July. It is the 15th of every month. Unless you’re me. I’m a special case.

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Thank you and I hope you’ll also get soon. :slight_smile: