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When will I get orders


It has been 5 days I have not got single order feeling upset
I’m sending 10 requests to buyers every day with custom offers




A big part of Fiver, is getting goo ratings from orders you already got to ensure you come up in good placement when someone is looking for your service.

This means it can be difficult at first to get orders in to your account from fiver users.

I would recommend advertising your fiver page on Google Adwords, or some other platform where people look for your services.

I can help you with Google adwords if you want.

Feel free to get in touch, Hello,

I’m wondering if you would be interested in the creation of a Google Adwords advertising account for a discounted price of 40 euro with up to 10 keywords of your choosing. This means your service will come up linking to this fiver page when certain search terms of your choosing in specific area’s on the Google Search Results.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Kind Regards,

Patrick Mckenna


Same. The past three weeks have been quiet and it concerns me. Never has it been this slow in my 2 years on Fiverr. I have good ratings and little to no cancelation so I don’t know what’s causing this sudden drop of orders.