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When will i got first order


when will i got first order… :thinking:
i m always promote my gigs but did not got good response :roll_eyes:


You will get orders be patient it takes time, send buyer request share your gigs there where you think your potential buyer maybe. Create a FB page for your gigs. share your work on G+, Twitter. Wish you all the best:)


thanks for your kind motivation…
create fb page for gigs means:thinking:


For marketing your gigs, watch youtube videos how to promote your business and use those tactics for your fiverr business.


thanks dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


you are welcome:):slightly_smiling_face:


You gotta earn it brother, keep sending requests and market gigs. Try to be a marketing guy


thanks sir for guide me


You providing service in a very competitive niche. So far you have set up your gigs nicely but still a lot of places to work on. You should research your categories top selling gigs and make a note. With this research, you need to improve your service. I got some issues on your profile. It’s a bit confusing that you are working here as a company or individual. Also, you offering service from different categories. For a new seller, I would recommend sticking with a single category.
here some suggestion for your gigs,

I Will Do Any Type Of Adobe Photoshop Edit And Retouching: you should change the gig photo. It’s not much attractive. You put all texts on the Left side of the image, the right side has some spaces.
I Will Do Any Type Of Adobe Photoshop Edit And Retouching: you should change the 2nd portfolio image. It’s not much clear.

Send time on researching & reading forum discussions. One of best thread for you
New sellers who refuse to read, you can LOOK at this guide .

Good Luck With sells.


This is nice explanation! keep in mind visualization speak more then plain text…
phenomenal article for every seller. thanks you so much
yes, your all topics is’s so much helpful for me
thanks bro i will more clear work on my gigs