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When will i receive my first order?😐


Its been almost one week and no orders yet.When will i receive my first order?


Pending orders will be received
Buyer sends requests


I was here 45 days before I got my first order. There is a great amount of competition.


Fiverr isn’t any easy.

It took me almost 2 months to get the first order.

There are hundreds of thousands gigs here.

Try using Buyers Request page to find something


xuntes but there is nothing shown on buyer request page!!


Make all the 7 gigs, then you will see many of the buyer"s request
Good luck


Your profile says β€œhelping small businesses with their design needs since 2011 on Fiverr!” yet your account says member since November 2017. That is very confusing to a buyer. Also you need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order.


@lloydsolutions I have experience outside the fiverr thats why i wrote it. But thanks for pointing it out.


then because nobody sent a request after you created these gigs.

Fiverr is no guarantee of sales or success.

Like I said, there are hundreds of thousands gigs. Many are excellent. You may be excellent too, but you still are a new seller, it will be really hard to compete with the most experienced sellers. Show/offer to buyers more than others, and maybe you start selling.

Fiverr is an extremely competitive marketplace, so you must be better than those who are selling. At least convince you are.


low competition = quick orders
100% proven xD


The OP stated:

Congratulating him on not receiving orders, :thinking: that’s not nice.
Offer suggestions, words of encouragement or something. :pineapple:


This is weird though. Unless you didn’t really understand what was said, it is very unfair to laugh at another’s misfortune


sorry my mistake. I am not carefully read post. :worried: