When will i start getting a lot of orders?


So i have got 2 orders and it was like a week+ apart from them!

So i was wondering when i will start getting a lot of orders? Once you get a couple orders will it continue to flow?

Thankful for answers!


When people start requiring the service you provide and have proof that you can do what you say you can do. Usually people buy based on price + reviews so just head to the BUYER REQUEST section and do a couple of gigs there (some of these aren’t worth your time but still do it just for the reviews).


im also having 2 orders once a week


Don’t put the cart before the horse. Instead of passively asking questions that won’t do anything, why not follow @vigasan’s suggestions and do something to make those sales happen?


All I see right now is ONE gig for a youtube banner…

  1. Do you think just because you put a gig out there that people are going to rush to it?
  2. What sets you apart from a hundred other people offering a youtube banner?
  3. Did you share your gig on your social media?



Just don’t spam people’s inbox about your service. Building a business (no matter how big or small), takes time. Expect to be spending the next 2-3 months on small and meaningless tasks for the sole purpose of reviews. Then you can up your prices since you’ll have the reviews to back you up.


I received my first order after two months and then the second, one month after it ( both from Buyer Requests Section) And now i have not visited buyer Request from last three months. See, thats how it works. No one here receive those hundreds and thousands of reveiws over night. No Aladdin lamp work here. You have to do small difficult jobs for low price just to build your profile and have a couple of reviews.


Hey @ancoli,
Like other says, keep going to work on your profile.
I just take a look on profile, you need to work on it. Check profile description, correct text, use YOURSELF keywords and out them in text and also in GIG description…
Use all 10 Buyer request per day.
Go to Social Network and share your GIG on Fiver groups, with your friend or try to find some interesting groups for your GIG.
Check some other forum, read blogs.
And, the biggest thing, Work on yourself!! When you have knowledge from few different sides, you can create more GIGs and collect more potentional buyers…
Wish you all the best in future and I hope so that you will receive new order soon.
Best regards,


I think you misunderstood how the platform works, just because you set up a gig doesn’t mean buyers will rush to you, just like any other business, there is a lot of work involved, take a look at the profiles for those who offer similar services, see what makes the successful ones successful, search through buyer request section, bit on jobs that fit your skills, build up your business, go through the hundreds of tips given, Fiverr gave you the platform where you can meet those who are seeking services such as yours and buyers will choose what is best for them, so work a bit harder to set yourself apart and be noticed by potential buyers. There is work involved, put up some work and hopefully you will get somewhere. Best of luck