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When will my first client come?


so, i’ts been a great challenge.
my gig is fully developed, promoted, shared on social media and ready for clients.
what else can i do to get my first buyer?

here is my gig:

Thank you, for your response.


When I first started learning the guitar, I was really motivated to play this one beautiful song. Once I saw my friend play it, I was like, “I HAVE to learn to play this.”

Maybe you could include a video of yourself playing a nice song or two – the type people could learn in a few weeks.


Agree with @sara19841. Also I typed “online guitar lessons” in the search bar and the gigs all seemed less complicated than your packages. Maybe something simple would be better. Have a look at what others are offering but do not copy anyone. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Sara and lloyd! appreciate the feedback.