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When will my level be upgraded back

I earlier flagged and downgraded from the level one seller that I am to a No level seller. I have managed to get back sales and my ratings except for hours of responds time. But Yet, my level has not been upgraded. Y?


Sellers have a new evaluation date on the 15th of every Month. Get everything over 90% before April 15th and you will be fine.


ok Thanks allot! I only have issue with my responds time which is 50%. How do I reconcile that…?


Unfortunately, there are no exceptions. You need to complete/meet ALL the 8 requirements for level 1 to qualify for the promotion.

Your response rate will increase as you respond to more messages from prospective customers who are contacting you for the first time (you need to respond within 24 hours of receiving a message from a new prospective customer).


It’s 15th already and also half day passed (IST) and I am completely eligible. In what time I will be upgraded?

Pretty sure they go after the GMT time.

And it can be on the 14th, 15,th, up to the 17th or even 18th. It doesn’t matter, just wait and keep it above 90%

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