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When will the disease stop?

when will we return to normal?


We in the U.S are already opening our economy. :us:


When there’s a vaccine.

The real killers - like this disease - require a vaccine to stop it in its tracks, like polio, diptheria, tb and tetanus.

Human trials are already starting.


When everyone in the world can get vaccinated, and the vaccine is effective. Right now they keep finding out new horrible things about this virus such as it creates lots of blood clots in the lungs but they dont’ understand why it does that.

This is like no other disease. Vaccines take a long time to develop. This disease won’t go away unfortunately. It’s really changing the entire human population as far as how we have to do things. It’s going to slowly but surely cut down on the human race, which is really the purpose in my opinion. I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later, a disease like this.

There might be forts built in the future where only some people are let in who aren’t infected and they have manned guards.

This is a consequence of our being grossly overpopulated and out of balance with nature.


god knows … it sees it will take more time

I wish you good health

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This is a nice question to ask during this pandemic. This directly depends upon the action taken by the leaders of the country and its people.An opinion from south korea says about 3 months to recover .since they have encountered with diseases like SARS, MERS which is quite similar to COVID- 19 .There is also a good news that a medical research company from uk said that a vaccine will be available by september 2020. So till then we have to be very careful dealing with this pandemic .So don’t forget to wash your hands , wear a mask while going out , wash / disinfect your legs , foot wear after coming back, & Social distancing also stay updated with news about this corona virus…

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Just pray and hope as soon as much…

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I’m pretty sure they said it will take over 3 months for that.


We hope during Ramadan it will be normal.

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Our chief medical officer suggested people don’t hold their breath - social distancing in place at least until the end of the year …

The Cambridge team say their vaccine could be ready by September … they are enthusiastic. Possibly over enthusiastic …


Vaccines need careful testing. They start with a very small group and see not only if it works but if it makes them sick. Then they try a larger group. It takes time. There are many scientific teams trying quickly to find a vaccine.

There are also people donating plasma who have recovered from this virus. That plasma has antibodies that might be used to vaccinate others such as doctors and nurses.


:grimacing: good luck!


It’s a huge mistake and I have no idea why they are doing this. The state of Georgia in particular is opening up businesses which require person to person contact for some reason: hair salons, tattoo parlors etc.

Stupidity reigns supreme.


It’s nothing to do with intelligence - the United States government values profit and a booming economy over human life. End of. Been that way since 1776 :woman_shrugging:


True but it’s not going to be booming if everyone is clogging the hospitals and dying. It’s massive stupidity. It’s worse for the economy to do this. They will find out the hard way.

When enough start to die off these politicians promoting this will be seen as the monsters they are.

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I guess that’s what happens when you start proclaiming “don’t trust the experts”! The poorest and most marginalized people of the US are going to suffer the brunt of this. I am truly scared for them.


We don’t have sharecroppers now as it is to pick produce, lettuce, tomatoes and all the rest. With the southern border blocked it was bad enough, and during this they are still deporting those from Mexico. Food is rotting on the vines.

We need our immigrants.

Our country has the highest rate of coronavirus in the world yet our leader acts like it is coming in from other countries.

Our politicians are actively doing the very worst possible things.


Makes me sick.

Considering America is literally a nation made up of the children of immigrants, it blows my mind that some Americans still buy into the scapegoat mentality that our leaders spew. But then again, even Trump admitted he doesn’t mind immigrants as long as they’re from nice European countries!

Anyway… I don’t wanna get in trouble for my radical socialist views so I’d better let this one rest :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could say something about the common defense mechanism of projection used by some politicians when talking about immigrants, who have grandparents who were immigrants but that would get into psychological defense mechanisms which protect an insecure ego and wouldn’t be on topic.

I wish more of our citizens understood the disordered psychology at work. What blows my mind is how openly this is displayed and how few people seem to realize or understand what they are seeing on a daily basis.