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When will the negative rating on my profile disappear?


Hi All,

Recently, I finished one order. As i mentioned in my GIG description, I have delivered the same what i have mentioned to the buyer. He seemed unhappy and left a negative feedback. However, I have asked him for a re-do or a cancellation but he seems to not listen to me. Now his feedback is on my profile and my rating has become 97% How will I get my 100% rating back? will it come back itself after sometime? after i will deliver more orders with positive feedback?


@kjblynx Thank you so very much!

@ryangillam well, i have sent hims the message with the two screenshots to show the difference between his current keywords performance and the one’s which i have chose for him, The problem is he has still not used those keywords. I hope he will tell me exactly what he wants.

2. I know the issue is that buyers do not have any queries beforehand ordering the gig, Also they go and relax back which i am preparing their brownies. I assume that those buyers read the description first thn demand a full time job for $5 anyways i’m not ranting. It’s a learning


what to do then? buyers would see my profile always with 97% rating! moreover if one more negative feedback will make it less…suppose out of 100 jobs 5 or 10 buyers leaves negative feedback, I am gone


@kjblynx So, You mean to say when i will continue working and gaining positive feedback from people, My percentage will go high once again?

what do you mean by helping people? Is it work related or something with the community?


Why don’t you ask the buyer what was wrong with what you delivered? This will help you in two ways:

  1. You can hopefully work with him to deliver something that he is happy with. He may then decide to remove the negative feedback.

  2. If that does not work, well, at least you know what the issue is. This way you can avoid it in the future when it comes to delivering future orders.


I just checked your profile and its back 100%, seems you got the problem solved. Congratulations :-h


How do I remove negative feedback I gave to a seller?


@seodpress Yes, The buyer and I co-ordinated thankfully, he understood what i gave was not any crap. He turned his feedback to positive.

@appsaustralia Yes, You can contact customer support and try to change it before 15 days.


Hello Guys, Please can anyone tell me how to remove feedback? After i delivered an order to a buyer, he gave a negative feedback. I redelivered his order and he told me he will like to remove the negative feedback but didn’t know how to do it. I searched the whole of fiverr myself to look for how to remover feedbacks but didn’t find it. Can anyone please tell me how to do this?