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When working what music do you listen to?

I am a type of person who simply CANNOT work in silence and need to have either Youtube or internet radio playing in the background. Personally I like to to listen to fast pace and upbeat music such as electonic dance music (EDM) on either Live365 or Jango.

What do you listen to? Any radio stations that you recommend ? Share :slight_smile:

I am exactly that type. I NEED SOUND!!

When I’m working on my translation gig though, I need ABSOLUTE silence, so that’s an

exception, but I do listen to “rainy mood dot com” sometimes.

On the other hand for my illustration gigs…I do listen to random music, but they are so random I can’t exactly pin point. I also listen to random movie reviews. Not sure if you have heard of the Nostalgia Critic, Chris Stuckmann, FanboyFlicks, etc.

The review for the movie “The Room” is hilarious, do check it out when you are bored! :smiley:

I usually listen to post rock or watch (more like listen) documentaries but when I want something uplifting I listen to electro swing.

I do not listen anything when I work.

When I’m editing (which is what I do here), I need absolute silence and no distractions around me. It takes all my concentration.

Reply to @zeus777: my favorite movie reviewer is JeremyJahns but I’ve watched a couple of videos from Youtubers you have mentioned. But will check out ‘the Room’ :slight_smile: thanks!

@abigailsmycken LOVE my Netflix account documentaries and TV series although it can be a little distracting from work