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When Would Fiverr Launch Its New Pay Per Click Feature for Fiverr Ads Only?


I’m looking forward to using Fiverr’s new Pay Per Click feature, because other platforms like fiverr allow people to pay for more exposure on their platforms. So when do you think Fiverr is going to launch this very important feature called Fiverr Pay Per Click?


Nobody knows…

How does this work on other platforms? Do you need to create a list of keywords with a maximum amount for each keyword (same as on google adwords) ?


One platform similar to fiverr allows you to pay in advance first before you place a PPC ad on their platform and the Ads are triggered based on the tags that you use in order to increase relevancy on their platform…


This seems online marketing things . No one knows when this comes up …


I’ll contact customer support to see when they would launch such an important tool