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When you are blocked by a seller who charges you with a great deal of service

when you are blocked by a seller
I paid for the order … waited for the results … and when I sent only one basic question to the seller … what is happening … he’s blocking me … shame

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Not sure what you mean - your order should only have been delivered when it was complete. You shouldn’t have to wait for results.

After delivery, you then have 3 days in which to ask for a revision, if the gig you purchased included revisions.

If you haven’t been able to do this, then please contact CS by opening a ticket or emailing them at

Added - sellers shouldn’t be using the ‘block’ feature on buyers who are simply asking a question after delivery. It’s poor customer service, and should be reported anyway to be honest. Also, any gig which asks you to wait for results beyond the delivery is breaking Fiverr’s ToS and should be reported.

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thanks for sharing this matter …i don’t know the matter …

Yes, I reported the case, but the answer was that they could not do anything there, I said that it was a bad reputation for the player, I was really disappointed, I expected the seller to get a warning, but only I lost money, without results, and blocked

This is exactly what I was afraid of.

That’s not possible. Before proceeding, I highly recommend that you ask someone else that has more expiernce with the platform look into it for you. They can’t block you from commenting or asking questions on the order page and you can request revisions.

It might be that you aren’t using it right. In either case, support should be able to help you.

I did not ask a question on the order page, after 3 days your entire order was terminated, I asked the seller after the deadline that he predicted what was happening and he blocked me then

it’s not right, I honestly paid and I was even kind, and the person blocked me just because there is no answer to my question

If you’d had your delivery, why would your seller need to predict anything?

If the seller didn’t deliver what you purchased then you should have asked for a revision or refund within the 3 days after delivery.

No, you did not understand me, I got the delivery, but after 20 days I sent a message and then blocked me

Definitely sounds like misusing the block button. :frowning:

However, you can only ask for revisions etc. within the 3 days immediately after delivery.


I wrote to him from another order and you can think of how much I was shocked when he answered me boldly that he did not have anyone with my name and that we never cooperated.
I sent him a photo of my account and our correspondence and then blocked me to another account

I can not do anything, but I lost my trust and I no longer use the services

That may have been a red flag to your seller, communicating with them from a second account. You should only have one account.


All right, in that case, just contact support and they’ll be happy to help you out. Don’t worry, you’re protected.

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No, I have one account, but I spoke from my friend’s account … no justification

I was not protected, because I contacted them, and nobody helped me, they said the backs is over and they can not do anything more, but that’s not right because they should turn their attention to the seller

Now I’m a bit lost - why didn’t you just message them from your own account or had that one been blocked by the seller previously?

If so, then messaging from a second account does seem a bit odd to be honest.

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Of course I sent a message from my account

when he blocked me, I turned to the support