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When you are blocked by a seller who charges you with a great deal of service

But you said

Sorry - too confusing for me - good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you clarify this a bit?

To be honest, I think you are letting slip here a few very important details. It sounds like your order wiith your seller was delivered. You have messaged them afterward from a different account. Your seller has rightly said that they do not know you. You have informed your seller that you are using another account by sending them a screenshot of your original account.

If the above is correct, your seller has every right to block you. It does not even matter if you are asking for a revision on your original order. If you are asking for that revision using a different account, your seller has no obligation even reply to you.

Multiple accounts for sellers and buyers are against Fiverr TOS. Buyers using these are 99% of the time scammers. The “it’s my friends account” is the oldest, most unimaginative, and worn out excuse that there is in such cases.

In short, you seem to have ticked every box on every reasonable sellers 'This person needs to be blocked list."


So, this thread got confusing but after it developed it sounds like you messaged a seller 20 days late and they didn’t really want to work with you anymore.

It seems from this that you didn’t ask the seller for a revision before the 3 days were up, so Support isn’t too interested.

My guess is that you felt the seller delivered poorly but you waited a long time to speak up. The seller probably blocked you either because they knew delivery was poor but the order was marked complete, or the Seller felt the order was delivered appropriately and you were hassling them.

Either way, since you waited too long and questionably attempt contact from multiple accounts, it might be time to just move on. Fiverr can block you for using a “friend’s” account so you might want to stick to your account and find another seller.


You;re on the wrong website. :wink:

Sorry - none of your comment makes any sense if you read the rest of the thread - there’s no mention of changing feedback.

Feedback can no longer be changed on Fiverr anyway.


than you say how can be change

This thread has nothing to do with feedback/reviews. If you want to talk about that, start your own thread.

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but friend client be changed…

Thread seems to have run it’s useful course.