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When you bought article for $5 from a guy that have no reviews


Once a buyer bought a $5 article from a guy with no reviews.
I was very glad he did as I was about to give up on Fiverr. In return he got a well written article that I would probably charge $50 for normally so he was happy too.


Just a joke of course there are a lot great writers here that need to underprice their services in order to gain good feedback :slight_smile:


Once upon a time, I could walk my dog without being followed by a police drone. Times change Eoin!

$5 is now the new $1.

Also, I can safely say that all my $5 articles were garbage. I thought they were brilliant at the time, but trying to write 10 articles a day to make $40 puts you in speed writing, not quality writing mode.


Definitely, but I wasn’t trying to make $40 or even $4. I was trying to get 5 stars.


I agree, that is what I did too. However, now buyers are different. The whole culture has changed. Dealing with $5 buyers is now like handling a live hand grenade. Sometimes they leave great reviews and are appreciative of your work. Other times, you get the feeling that they might actually be evil incarnate.

By comparison, those who pay more are generally less troublesome.


Totally agree and rarely get $5 orders now thankfully. I have a number if very faithful clients who place $5 orders for less than 100 words of translation but if it wasnt for them I’d have stopped taking those types of order.

That’s true $5 buyers are very risky. When I was dealing with $5 orders I was like “yes maybe I did great job and worked a lot but what if this dude is crazy” :wink:

Lucky lol, I am so nervous about doing fiverr, I have never done freelancing before and super scared…

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I’m sorry you feel that way. :frowning: