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When you charge extra for 24 hour delivery

When “one day delivery” is an extra you offer, what do you do when you have nothing to do and someone orders without the extra?

It’s tempting to, you know, just do it, because I have nothing else to do…but on the other hand, is that fair to people who DO pay the extra fee for 24 hour delivery? I also fear if I deliver within 24 hours for someone who hasn’t paid, I’m going to leave them with the expectation that they can get this every time.



It is hard to make something seem of value if you give it away. You can always work ahead but deliver when appropriate. Or maybe deliver a little early for a repeat client who leaves you good feedback, etc…My standard delivery is 3 days, and I would never deliver faster than 2 if they hadn’t paid the expedited 24 hour delivery rate.

I agree though that you will train them to expect it.


// SIGH //

It’s interesting to “see” the mind of a seller. :frowning:

I wonder if any of my sellers intentionally hold thing back from me? :thinking:


Nah, I think you’d fall into that really good client that you want to take care of category.

It’s like when you drop off your dry cleaning and they say ready Friday at noon. They never call and say, hey we got it done early you can swing by. I assume if you ordered 3 day delivery and decided not to go with the expedited delivery, then you must be comfortable with 3 days. So, if I deliver it in 2 1/2, that’s still good service without undermining my 24 hour delivery extra.


I deliver early regardless if the client booked the extra fast option or not. It all depends on the workload.


If you say 2 days delivery then you should deliver in two days. You can send a message and let the buyer know that you can do faster with x$ more… If he don’t want to then you deliver in the time you have posted.

I like to get orders done within 24 hours so they are not hanging around in the back of my mind. I have to get things done fast or they go into my mental sticky note category, which is annoying to maintain. So I don’t charge extra for fast delivery.