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When you choose the seller [Tips]

when you choose the seller please consider this,
1.The seller positive rating 90% - 100%
2.The seller in level 2
3.The seller at-least in 2 years experience in FIVERR
4.Good responsive time seller.

note: some INDIAN sellers are cheating with our money.they didn’t give the best work for our don’t trust them…

I think something happen to you… what happen to you Sir?

yes… i have got the most order form Indian sellers…and the didn’t give good work for me…

and i never getting from indian seller. if you are hoping to get seller in fiverr please consider the my options… i think that is best way…

It is quite unfair to single out Indian sellers. I have had extremely positive experiences with Indian sellers and buyers. Your experience may have been different but there are so many variables that putting it down to their country is just wrong.
You have not given many details of your experience but I find that the people who have big problems on Fiverr are usually those who want too much done for too little money - it just doesn’t work. When you are agreeing a price, consider how much time it will take someone to do the work and consider what you are paying them. If it seems like the deal is too good then it probably is.

Well, I disagree… Since It appears you have had a bad experience with someone, making such conclusion is not overly the case.

I still believe that there are other few great ones who are not in level 2 yet, neither are they 2 years on Fiverr.

But i have one customer… he asked from me to design Logo for his company and he give to me $5 for that… he didn’t like to pay more to my work…but he very satisfy with my work… after the give the original work without project file.and he came back after 2 month and he ask from me that logo source file…I said to him,we charge the extra cost for source file…but he didn’t agree with me and he TREADING me… finally i have give the source file.because if not he get one order and negative rating me…

here the screenshot of his conversation…

I didn’t agree with you 100% do indian seller doing cheating… but i agree 50% with you… because some indian sellers are cheating… i have some orders form some customers half project…they give that order to indian seller and they are doing not well…so don’t do that indian seller…

1.The seller positive rating 90% – 100%


2.The seller in level 2

—Not necessarily, sometimes I will take my chances with a level 1. Or I will make two orders to see who does it better.

3.The seller at-least in 2 years experience in FIVERR

—Irrelevant. I look at portfolio samples, reviews, and rating. Besides, if you’ve been doing graphic design for 10-years offline, why do I care if you have 1-month of experience on Fiverr?

4.Good responsive time seller.

—Depends. A review that says: “Order Cancelled. Seller failed to deliver on time” is more damaging than sellers who respond in 20-hours. I can forgive time differences, but I won’t forgive lateness. If you’re promising delivery in 3-days, I expect it in 3-days or sooner. If you’re late, I might wait 24-hours, but no more than that.

Do not ask users to order from you in post replies!

1 - agree
2 - agree
3 - agree
4 - agree

note - Finally, your both eyes are open.

You’re welcome. I’m glad to be of service.

It is really beneficial for finding effective seller.

It is a case to case basis, we shouldn’t single out a specific race. :slight_smile:
I think it is best for you to message the seller and you should communicate what you want before buying a gig.

Um, some of us are new to Fiverr but not new to business at all (thus very experienced in what we offer) so saying not to pick those that are not 2nd level or at least 2 years on Fiverr is wrong. Then again, I am just fully confident in my skills so I might be different