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When you deliver source file?

if your customer request source file to review?
did you dleiver it to him or it is enough to provide alot of view and samples?

i have sent video to customer but i’m afriad that sending source file then he cancelled the order so he will get all work for free.

When you make the delivery you should include the source file. Making a delivery isn’t sending a file for review, it’s saying ‘here it is, I’m finished’. If you want to get the buyer to check and agree the delivery will meet their requirements send the file without the source in a message in the order . Take screenshots of the buyer’s agreement that it meets their requirements.
Of course, you need to allow extra time for this as you’re turning this around before delivery.

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I provide the source file only if requested (and if agreed upon) at the END of the order completion.

Contrary to what @capitalquality stated, I will make an agreement that in order to receive the source file the order has to be completed.

This is a tactic I use, which is permitted given that it is discussed at the BEGINNING of the project.

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what i’;m afraid is buyer get source file then cancel the order as he willing to made in last.

i have sent samples then he liked the work but need sources

It’s all part and parcel of selling!

You’ll always have those people who are trying to cheat you. I don’t even think about those types of people. I work hard and try to deliver on-time and happily!

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that happens alot ,
and i’m so lazy to include my watermark in all tests .
some people take the hd tests and cancel and go away.

really ahte those people

I understand your frustrations :wink:

We all go through great and (less) great buyers!

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THanks alot for your interest,
Have good day

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