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When you don't expect it at all


Hitting level 2 is every level 1’s dream but something extraordinary happened to this level 1

I have 40+ completed sales with around 32-33ish positive reviews.

At around 12 hours ago I got a notifications.

"Congratulations you have been promoted to level 2"

I was stunned as I did not even have 50 positive reviews. It is something nice to have, thanks Fiverr.


Well deserved man, TRS is just around the corner !


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! That is how it happened for me as well. I have a lot of positive reviews but not 50 but I was promoted to level 2 last month out of the blue.

It’s a great feeling isn’t it?!

Keep up the good work, Top Seller is next!!!


Congrats! I recently made it, too. I think they count completed gigs, not the reviews?


I think they just count the number of ordered gigs. I’m only saying that because I don’t think I had 50 gigs completed when I got the notification.


Congratulations… Keep up the good word : )


Reply to @freestyle25: Thanks!


Reply to @simplysue: Yes, it’s a great feeling. My orders just boosted up by quite a lot… not sure if it’s level 2’s magic or my keyword change’s


Reply to @teenytinypress: I have less than 50 completed gigs, I think they count ‘orders’ - whether delivered or not (or still in progress (or incomplete))


Reply to @freestyle25: Yes, I think so too


Reply to @deaun1: I think you mean ‘work’, thanks!


Reply to @arnevb: Yes it is.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks Ang! It was a fluke, I thought it’ll take me at least 2 weeks to reach level 2 as I was around 15 reviews away and then boom! Fiverr gave me a notif at midnight. I’m finally on the big road now


Reply to @ozzieuk: Just around the corner but I am on a straight road! Thanks


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Tyvm! You were one of the 50 reasons why this happened.

Reply to @madmoo: THANKS! I did not know I’m being looked after, just kidding. Thanks Ang, I do not aim for TRS though. If it has to come, it will but not really mad after it. Maybe time will change my opinion