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When you get first order?

Hi People,

I am new here on Fiverr.

When you got first order after joining Fiver?

I m here almost 1 month and sent 10 custom orders on buyers request but no response till yet.

Suggest me if you can

Thanks & regards



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Your journey won’t be the same as everyone else’s though. So whilst this information might be fun to know, it won’t tell you when YOU will get YOUR first order.

Our first order came literally a couple of days after we put our first gig up, and we’ve never used Buyers Requests. Our gig was far from perfect. It was our Female VO gig that’s still our bestseller today, but it looked very different back then. But the gig still focused on answering a potential customer’s questions by providing them with high quality samples of our work, and a description that explained exactly what would happen when a customer ordered from us. That was 2.5 years ago and we’ve had steady orders since.

I can only recommend that you look at your gigs and see if they tick all these boxes also.


Thank You Guys have a good day :slight_smile:

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No body know, when his/her star blinks and he/she got order…
Firstly check your gig lie in the right category or not !!!
stay online, check daily where your gig ranked on fiver…


I don’t remember exactly, I think it was on the first or the second day.

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For me, it was after 30 days.