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When you have to give out your info for an order, will this work?

I typed up this template today for the rare orders where a buyer is unable to attach their file directly (too large/having issues with the upload system) or when their file is on a third-party site and they need my email to give me access to it.

I would attach this as an image to the order. Acceptable or should I ask support directly if this will work?

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I’d like to hear from any seller who has provided their information before. Have you ever had any trouble/misunderstanding with Support about why you gave out your info?

Ask. Definitely ask. There are sellers who sign NDAs (and therefore provide their information), and they do it with the permission from Customer Support.

Also, if they tell you that this is ok, save the screenshot of the permission.


Good advice, thank you :smile:

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I’ve asked CS if I could provide my contact info for receipt of files and they have always told me a resounding “No.” They tell me to have the buyer use a service that doesn’t require email, like Dropbox. I imagine there are sellers who have received permission since once in a while you get a CS agent who says something different than the others so if you get that and save the screenshot, maybe that will work. The reps I talked to were so blunt about the answer and the consequences that I would be afraid to risk it.


I’ve asked about sending my email on an individual basis in the past and received varying answers, usually a simple “no” without an alternative. I suppose Fiverr would rather make sellers cancel an order than risk a buyer talking to a seller directly :roll_eyes:

Dropbox does not always work for my clients as some use online book design platforms. If they export the document, it would be in a special format that I couldn’t work with (at least not efficiently). If they export to Word, the formatting would be altered.

We’ll see what Support says about it :slight_smile:

Wetransfer is another option. I wouldn’t share my email address unless I would have permission for each individual order. Better safe than sorry ;).


I personally don’t like to share personal info. although it is remind us “Providing email, Skype, or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service. Otherwise, all communication must go through Fiverr.”

I guess the form you designed would have to be altered for each specific circumstance to really cover you. The image you attached invites the client to send you a file, so anything that can be sent via attachment could be sent via Dropbox. If you need to be able to login to their design platform, perhaps the client could create a login for you and provide it to you, rather than you having to send them your personal contact info. I’m with @annai80 in that I would want permission for each individual order if you can get it.

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