When you know it's time to say Goodbye but you just can't


Death sucks. This is why I make all the most important people in my life promise to never ever die. Occasionally, however, someone slips through the net and this seems to be happening right now with my main co-worker, my trusty Dell E6420.

Yes, I’m talking about a laptop.

Really, she’s so much more than that though. This is why every crash is tugging on my heart just as much as it is my increasing sense of frustration.

We’ve been through thick and thin together you see. We’ve stayed up all night to write about Colorado mortgage insurance. We’ve learned how to use Adobe After Effects together, and never once has she complained when I’ve accidentally split scaling coffee on her.

The good news? There is nothing mechanically wrong with my faithful Dell e6420. Everything is my fault for burdening the SSD hard drive with far more than can be considered reasonable.

“Sorry old girl,” I feel like saying every time she stutters. “It’s my fault. I’ve asked far too much from your limited write limit already”.

Of course, I knew that this day would come. This is why right now I could power her off, slap in a new HD with a clean OS install which I already have ready and waiting, and power her on again like nothing has changed.

It won’t be the same though. It will be her body but none of the memories of what we have done together over the past couple of years.

All that custom tweaking, gone. All her personality vanished. This is why, for now, I’m still attempting to power through, even though Flash is no longer supported and I know that the next recommended update package could kill her.

It’s just so hard to let go…


My theory is that those update packages kill hard drives, if you use Windows. I stopped getting updates in my latest laptop.

You have my condolences. I know how hard this must be for you.


Yeah, I don’t use windows but Windows updates can be deadly.

Thank you for your condolences. I’m actually thinking that as a compromise, I might keep the old HD in a box so that I can still get her out and take her for a spin occasionally in the future. It would just be so much nicer if we had some kind of confirmation that old OS’s go on to some place better when this kind of thing happens.