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When you make music from 1999


Hello everyone. I am x3voodoo from your family. Fiverr family. Let me tell you my little story about one of my dreams and after that I will be very happy to receive some tips or ideas about that.


I had a passion: MUSIC. I started to make music in 1999 when my father bought my first pc. The first software installed on that pc was a music software. I was very enthusiastic when I started to put loop by loop trying to create a 3 minutes song. The time passed and I remember what my father said on that period: “2 weeks. 2 weeks until you will start doing something else”. I wasn’t happy but I continued to make music. It was and it still is my “life”. Time passed, I moved on another country with my fiancee and I started to focus on music production more than ever. Well, after I discovered Fiverr I thought: “Why can’t I sell my music on Fiverr?”. And I created this gig: . Now, I just finished my second album and I want to release it on September 28th, on my birthday, on Fiverr of course. 4 days remains until the next album comes out but for the moment I want to see your opinions, ideas. Is it wrong, is it good about …my gig, my thoughts, my way of promoting my album, etc. Thank you all and I can’t wait to see your answers. Thank’s!


Interesting idea. I’m a rapper, so I can see how you would come to this conclusion. When the album release, make sure you add some album snippets to your video so people can hear what they’re buying. I personally don’t like waiting 14 days to get paid on fiverr, so I use my own website and online digital distribution services for song releases. I’m interested in knowing how it goes though. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I just edited my gig with this link: . Here you can hear all the songs. Now I am very happy because I’m “packing” the second one because I want to release it on my birthday…so… 3 days left :slight_smile: Anyway, I will post a comment as soon I have some updates.


Okay, cool. I think creating a gig video would be more beneficial. I tried to listen to your music from my phone and I couldn’t.