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When you ordering from cheater


Great deal , I ordered logo from seller and he using old and not own pictures for that. after this he still asking about second chance lol . And its not final . Now I can not take my money back from fiverr- who give him permission put my money on his account? Nobody ! They need ask sorry for this situation but they make it worst


Hi, I´m not quite sure I can follow, but - sellers get their money for the work they did for you only around 15 days after they delivered the work they did for you (If you buy from a TRS or PRO seller, that´s 7 days). At the point of delivery you have 3 whole days to request a revision. As long as you request revisions, the order won´t “complete” and the seller won´t get paid. If the seller did not fulfill your agreement with him or her, or did something against the Terms of Service, you can notify customer support and they can advise you or refund you if they find it warranted. You can attach files or screenshots and any proof you have of the cheating when you file a ticket.

In case you didn´t read the Terms of Service when you registered your account, it would be good to do so now, to know how these things work and what you can do if things go wrong.
Further detailed information on the procedures here, all these links are available in the footer of all Fiverr website pages too.


its better if you forget or give last chance too


As soon as you book a gig, Fiverr takes the money out of your account. It is not the seller who does this. Then Fiverr holds the money until the order is completed to the satisfaction of the Buyer. Once the Buyer is happy, and the order ended the seller as @miiila said, still must in most cases wait for 14 days to get their money.

You can use your credit with Fiverr to buy another gig, or contact CS to request a cash refund.


Can you please show us the logo you got so we can see how bad it looks?