When you receive messages about weird request


When you receive messages about weird request … NOT connected with your gigs…

This was what I received today…

“Do you know upwork.com? That is freelancer site. I want to make a developer account on upwork.com, but it had been blocked to create new account in my region.
So I am looking for the person who can assist me. if you can help then I want to use your pc via teamviewer.
On your pc I want to create new account and want to work for 1~3 months. I will give you 10% of my profit on upwork.”

I answer that this was so appropriate and he said: “What? don’t you know greetings?”

And I say he is going to be reported and he is like “Hah! I know also you was reported, too”

Like what is going on??

I reported him and he is still able to send a message?
Should I write straight to fiverr customer support? What a nightmare some people are…
Not only I receive the daily messages : " Give me work!" … but now and this…


Oh dear, that’s very strange. Especially considering that website is run by, I believe, the same people who ran a scammer website for writers…yikes! I would send a message to customer support to keep this guy from messaging or reporting you!


Well, he said he reported me already for some reason, but I believe CS see what is this all about
And yes, I contacted fiverr about it


Good, theres definitely some strange people trolling on Fiverr…I hope you get everything sorted out!


Riiiiight… Report and block this one.


Unfortunately when I report and block… they are still able to send messages?


If it is in any way uncomfortable, I would go ahead and approach CS.


Yeah, I did that as he said he reported me as well


Ya I have the same issue quite often when I block strange people who won’t stop messaging me. They still send another message after they are blocked and it is so frustrating because they “get the last word” and that annoys me the most.

CS usually does a pretty decent job of handling harassing people, I don’t know what that person was thinking though. Seriously, who WOULD feel comfortable with that, and just 10%? I mean come on. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Very entertaining!! :sunglasses:


woohoo … entertainment. I wonder how boring your life is if this is entertaining for you lol


Got the same message a month ago. This guy sent me a .txt file (apparently malicious)and asked me to read the instructions in the document. When I replied that I don’t usually open this kind of files (.txt, zip and exe, especially when they don’t relate to any order), the guy asked if he could remotely log into my pc (read ‘hack’) to access upwork because his IP address was blocked. Not so smart scammer.


I’ve gotten that message twice now, along with another strange message where they ask me to look at a .docx file. The first time it happened the person had a gig to do Chinese translations. I block them. Others here reported they got that message also.

It seems that someone is collecting sellers names on the forum to send that to.


Got one where the person kept saying “Hi again” until I was finally awake and responding within a few minutes when we were in the same time zone, even though I asked them to just send me the details of their project even if I couldn’t respond immediately. Then they asked me to talk with them on Skype.

I said no and questioned what un-shady business needed to be conducted over Skype and haven’t heard back since.


Someone is very desperate to find someone’s computer to use teamviewer on!

They’ve been trying for the past two weeks with that same message to lots of sellers from multiple accounts.


Somebody wanted $400 for their sick sister. But they said they will pay back quickly!