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When you were ten . . . 👦🏼 👧🏼


As a teacher, I enjoyed working with young people. Nonetheless, if I could talk to my 10-year-old self I would tell myself to go into a field where I would make more $.


I’d tell my younger self to stop procrastinating and start drawing & painting more seriously so that he/I could make a living out of our passion, and become someone worth mentioning in the digital artists community while collaborating with the big names and eventually working at a big company as a concept artist.

Stop playing and start drawing & learning all about that!


I would tell myself not to worry about High School, not to bother with anything other than basic Math, Economics, German and French.
To be fair, I did actually not bother with the other stuff, but I would tell 10 yr old me not to worry about it.


For sure, I worried too much about grades, and my social life!


Social life was fine, grades were great until high school.


I would tell my 10-year-old self not to take life too seriously (meaning “to go with the flow”), not to care about what other people would think about you, and to be friends with people that won’t betray you.


I will tell my younger self to give more time to the people you care about. I started working on a few different startups combined with my Freelancing and it has all taken a big toll on my social life.


I’d tell myself to go a bit wilder a bit younger, ditch school (at 10) and look after my ankles.


Stop giggling all the time.

This was me and my best friend:


Do you still giggle? :interrobang:


Yes all the time. :grin:


And 10-year old me would have said “oooooh, you said shit!” and then asked what the rest of it meant.


Only thing I miss from my 10 Year’s life is cartoon networks’ old logo. If I got chance to go back in 10, I would do the same thing what I did at that age, watch cartoon :smiley:


Boy, life is not easy. You have to study hard, work hard and make something of yourself.


Last year you were 9, next year you’ll be 11


Being one of the fi…y few people who are actually decide to write valuable, thoughtful comments or don’t write anything at all comes with the price tag of getting flagged.

So here is the PG13 thing I would say to my younger self:
"You will have to overcome a lot of obstacles, just like everybody else and b.t.w. if you get the chance to bleep don’t hesitate even if it is the bleep of your best bleep, because over 40 years you won’t even bleep bleep bleep .
Don’t you worry, I will explain the bleeps when you are 16. "


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I can’t think of anything I would say to ten year old me, because ten year old me was pretty awesome. All I did was read and write and dream about becoming an author one day. Then I became a teenager and decided that I wanted to be “cool”. I would tell thirteen through seventeen year old me to stop making bad choices and flunking out of classes and be more like nerdy ten year old me :stuck_out_tongue:


If I could tell my 10-year-old self one thing, I’d encourage him to…

“Keep being creative – keep drawing, keep dreaming. You’ll be in movies, you’ll be creating some awesome art for some really cool people, and… you’ll be self-employed and own your own business. You’ve got an awesome life ahead of you. Don’t let the little worries now keep you down!”


If I were 10…

I would have told my self to keep on writing… book, poems, drama’s… I still have those old write ups in a box…
I had a few friends who thought I was silly to be writing whole the time… :slight_smile:

After winning the national award in 2007 for my poetry collection (5 months before my father passed away)…
I kind of stopped writing…

But I wish I had kept writing…