When your cake day is?


What does that option mean? will it gives us the notification as Facebook when some users birthday came? Fiverr forum became lot more social then before and its interesting…i am still exploring the forum and everyday a new feature let me go curious about what it is meant to be…

Does it shows the birthdays and anniversary of all the sellers and buyers present at forum? If yes then Why my birthday date is not coming to my birthday month?

When all of your cake day is?


It is not only limited to the active users on the Forum but it includes all the members of Fiverr. And no, it will not give the forum users notifications of birthdays of the members like Facebook, but will send you a customized email wishing you.

For your birthday not showing in the respective month : had you clicked on the “Birthdays” tab present in the top? The default is “Anniversaries”… :slight_smile:


Yes i clicked on the birthday tab…Its on June but its not showing there…


Is this set to June in the Forum preferences?

Btw here is what will happen when it is your birthday -

  1. There will be certain party themed emojis beside your name.
  2. If you are in the Private lounge(Only after becoming a Regular :grin:) an automatic post will be made on your behalf.


Ohh…I got it now… its showing there…Must say…you are a rockstar…Mr. taverr has the solutions of all the issues… :slight_smile: