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When your first order goes haywire

So, I got my first order today! Yay… kinda.

First thing, random buyer messages me and asks if I can do an odd job with his/her logo. Next, I’m asking for some details and saying, “Hey, would you like me to do anything else, because I can get that done super quick for $5.” Buyer clarifies his order, basically saying no, so I give them a special $5 offer based on the their request.

Ok, not so bad. I can slam it out it 5 sec–wait. What kind of filetype is that? Turns out there are still image file types that I don’t know about. Alright, so I check it out and find out it’s an InDesign photo. I download the free trial, sprinting to grab the photo and go (The Buyer requested a short delivery). I ran into an error with the document, but the Buyer never responded with what I needed to fix it. Since time was wasting away I thought of a workaround and delivered the order with 30 minutes to spare.

Hectic, stressful (I’m sure other sellers have had much worse problems), and have yet to hear anything from the Buyer. I hope they’re happy with all the trouble I went through. Word to the wise: make sure you know ALL the details of what you’re going to be dealing with before you do. Otherwise it’ll hurt your credibility, or you will have to scram to accomplish the order.


I can relate to this situation. :smile:

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If you delivered with just 30 minutes to spare you really should increase your delivery time. I know this was an unusual case but you might find lots of unusual cases that come along. Congratulations on your successful delivery. It’s not unusual to not hear from a buyer. Give yourself plenty of time to deliver, more than you think you will need. That’s one of the best pieces of advice I can give a new seller.

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this is a basic problem with us that we do not observe what a buyer needs but we want to get an order…

Technically I had another 22hrs left, but the buyer asked specifically for two hours, and I said yes. Normally, that would have been plenty of time.