Where am I actually allowed to advertise my gigs?


Where am I actually allowed to advertise my gigs?

From what it sounds like from talking to CS, it sounds like outside of Fiverr I am only really allowed to promote my gig via social networks? That would be nice and effective, if I spent a while and built up a really big following, but in the mean-time, any suggestions on where I can and can’t advertise my gigs? Hope someone can give me some more information on this, I think I may send another inquiry for another opinion, as I have actually seen some TRS and Level 2 sellers advertising in certain ways that Fiverr says actually voids the TOS. I don’t want to void the TOS or anything, so I am thinking maybe it’s more a misunderstanding from the CS person. Anyone have info on this? Thanks!


I must be confusing or write things weird. Ha!

Yeah, I think that’s what the CS person was referring to when I contacted them about it. I know you can only have a limited amount of social links on here if you’re linking out from Fiverr, and I think that’s what they responded to.

I more am curious what’s even allowed to do when it comes to outside of Fiverr to bring traffic here. I know that the TOS of the particular sites in question won’t be void by doing so on their end, and based on the TOS segment I read, that should in turn mean it’s allowed here. I think I may want to send a message to another CS or to perhaps bring it to a higher authority to make sure they understand what I am asking completely. I tried to re-clarify to the one CS person, hopefully that helps. Thanks for your input! Maybe some other people will respond here that might have gotten a more clear answer from CS recently in regards to it!

Essentially, I had a lot of new gigs I was working on but some just won’t work with the traffic that a social network/general Fiverr traffic brings in. Hopefully I can get some clarity by Sunday night or Monday afternoon when I would have time to work on them again.


@kjblynx Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. So you think that the CS just misunderstood what I was asking? I guess it could be the case. I did make sure to re-phrase my question for more clarity purposes. I really shouldn’t write messages to CS when it’s 2 in the morning!


Fiverr wants you to promote your gigs–it’s a win/win for both you and Fiverr when you get more orders.

As mentioned above, just make sure you are allowed to post your link where you are advertising.

Wishing you much success!


Well we shall see, I inquired further with more clarification as to what I was asking.



Actually they said that most any kind of advertising beyond social media is not allowed to promote your gig including things such as paid ppc, or most any advertising outlet that may cost me any kind of investment(meaning I can’t take out a video ad, an ad in general(anywhere it seems?) a directly relevant keyword, or anything in association that will bring it back to Fiverr.). I may contact another CS as their TOS statement seems to say a bit otherwise. I can’t imagine that all these TRS and Level 2 Sellers are making orders on Social Media, word of mouth, and general Fiverr traffic+misc SEO alone.

"Sorry but any paid advertisement to your fiverr gigs is not allowed at the moment.“

Which is weird because this TOS statement,

”"Sellers advertising their Gig online must comply with laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant website used to advertise."

Makes it sound like we can use advertising platforms, and as far as I was aware if it’s an advertising platform, chances are it costs money?



Yeah, I asked for a second opinion from another CS.

“As long as you’re not violating the Terms, conditions or any laws you’re fine”.

Not sure which to believe, as one CS person tells me the totally opposite of the other and I have read even some “Top Rated Seller” or in just stories in general that Fiverr supported about people doing things like Video advertising(Some person on here doing something like birds writing a message?) so this is a bit confusing. I know some people do it both TRS(one TRS even suggested a few methods I wanted to use.) and Level 2 Sellers that are still around, so apparently it is ok? I can’t imagine people advertising via a “paid” advertising service for months. Would be nice if I could get maybe a higher level answer, but as far as I see, it doesn’t void anyone’s TOS? It’s funny as one of the reasons I actually found Fiverr is via an AD I saw that brought me directly to a seller(Although that was close to 2 and a half years ago… or longer?)