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Where am I wrong? Someone please help check

Please I need fiverr guru here. I set up a webdesign gig and everything seems stand still.
I need someone to help check what is wrong.

This is the link below

You response and advise is highly appreciated.



Hello Habanishe,

I’m not a Fiverr guru, but I hope I could help you.

I’ve checked your gig and found that your gig description is great.

I don’t know about web design anyway, so i’m gonna ask you with a question if I am your buyer.

Q: How could I know that your web design is really responsive and appealing?

Again I don’t know anything about web design. In my opinion Your gig portfolios are not enough to convince your buyer as they are static images.

How about uploading a screencast of you browsing your web which you have designed?

I think buyer (also as a user) should know how the interface of your website looks like and how the experience they will have when visiting your website.

It’s just an idea anyway :grinning:

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Maybe also check the price is competitive with similar gigs. Maybe show more info (eg. big images/video) so buyers will have a better idea of what the website could look like. Maybe reduce the price to start off with till the gig has orders or have packages where the basic package could be cheaper.

Basically the price may be a bit high for someone to buy without first knowing how good the results will be, especially since there are no existing reviews of the gig.

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