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Where and how to find buyers request

I am a new fiverr user, i have successfully completed my fiverr Gig. After waiting for 10 days not a single buyer’s request has been shown to me. How do i get the work or Bid???


Do social media gig marketing. Send 10 attractive buyer requests every day. Try to stay active in Fiverr forums and Fiverr for a long time. I hope you will get the order very soon.

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How to send buyer request, pls guide me

Buyer requests aren’t shown to everyone and sometimes they are only shown at certain times. For me, I didn’t see any buyer requests until I had completed a couple of orders. It is different for everyone and we don’t have any control over it. Just check the buyer requests page occasionally.

Also you say you are a new seller so please look through the forums to learn more about the platform and get some useful tips. Currently you only have 3 minutes of read time.

You can also check out the free course on Fiverr learn that will teach you the basics of Fiverr and give you some useful advice.

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were just the same just be active in fiverr

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Well, it’s a common problem for new freelancers. If you have only one gig you’ll get buyer requests which match with your gigs category but if you have more than 3-4 gigs you will get more buyer requests cause when someone will post a request it’ll match with your category.
I guess you understand what I’m trying to say.

Thank you.

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