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Where are all buyer?



i,am working fiverr in 2 years …but i never see that fiverr order down … where is all buyer ?
what is problem //>? i did Not understand …
you are understand please explain


You just joined in this month - February 2017.
How it has been 2 years for you?


be cool brother ! i am created my account about 6 month ago but i am not get a one order still now


same problm here bro . Im very upset


have you tried to send an offer via “buyer requests” on the “selling” tab?

if you haven’t, you should try it.

if you have tried but haven’t got any order, take a little bit time to polish your proposal.

I have some questions regarding to your proposal:

  1. was your proposal written in good English?
  2. have you provide any link to your portfolios?
  3. was it concise and addressing to the buyer needs?

it would be great if you could take a time to read some great proposal (just do a search on google).

afterward, I believe you will get your first order.

it took 3 days for me to polish my proposal before i get my first order.

great proposal could let you win the bid.


my old id no longer ok


Had you taken the permission of fiverr CS before creating a new account? Maybe it’s your communication skill that is pulling you back. You need to work on it…

@blaisefaint would perhaps be able to help you with his advices. :slight_smile:


If you’ve been banned on one account, whatever caused that ban might still be causing you trouble. I don’t know what you did to get banned, but you have to follow the rules to make sales. Other than that, all I can tell you is that a lot of people seem to think that just putting gigs on Fiverr is magic. There are tons of ebooks and blogs out there that tell people that you can just toss some gigs on Fiverr and you’ll start to get orders and make money. It’s not true.

Fiverr takes hard work just like starting any other business. You have to make gigs that are unique and creative. You have to sell things that buyers want. You have to prove that you have the skills to deliver what you promise. If you are selling things that lots of other people are selling (like logo design) you’ll have to stand out above hundreds of other gigs. Even then, most people have to start out by doing their own marketing and using Buyer Requests.


Buyers :point_down: