Where are all the good sellers? More cancellations than completions!


There are so many inactive sellers and I’m finding that most orders I make are ending in cancellations days after making them. It’s very frustrating because I need something done, but it takes days before I eventually discover the seller can’t do their advertised order or they’re simply inactive.

Because of the way Fiverr works, I can’t leave feedback if it ends in cancellation, so that means more buyers will succumb to the same problem because buyers duped before them haven’t been able to pre-warn those buyers.

I’m starting to get fed up buying on Fiverr because I have too many cancellations and it’s a struggle finding the wheat amongst the chaff.


What exactly do you need done?

If it’s something general like graphic designing then there are plenty of recommended sellers.

I have had around 1k customers and i have 99% positive rating.


I can empathize, and it goes both directions. The good ones are out there, and many of them, like me, are quite new to the site.

Cancellations occur for a variety of reasons, so I cannot comment as to what the problem is with sellers with more cancellations than completions.

For complicated projects, you’re going to deal with sellers who will quote you a true market price for what you need, based on the degree of complexity and the time it takes them to finish the project.

I have yet to encounter a buyer for programming projects that has anything that resembles something that can be produced and sold as if off the shelf.

advertiser_seo is obviously an awesome seller for the area they specialize :slight_smile:

pappy12 said: There are so many inactive sellers

On each Seller's page, you can see when they last time they delivered an order. Let this be a factor in who you purchase from as well. Last delivery was a week ago? I'd keep looking, or contact the Seller for information.
pappy12 said: I'm finding that most orders I make are ending in cancellations days after making them. It's very frustrating because I need something done, but it takes days before I eventually discover the seller can't do their advertised order or they're simply inactive.

In this case, it's best to contact the Seller before hand. It sounds like a serious miscommunication issue, or maybe you've just had some real bad luck with finding a quality Seller. I would consider finding a Top Rated Seller, or a very active Level 2 Seller. You can use Fiverr's Gig filter search to find a Seller that meets this criteria.

Keep in mind Sellers are people too, so it does take some time for them to review your order and highlight any issues. However, if these issues are unrelated to the information you provided - I'd suggest talking to the Seller and asking why they want to cancel. If they can't do what is advertised, they might need to look into revising their Gig, as Sellers are required (by TOS) to fulfill orders.

Also, a Seller can't force you to cancel an order, but I wouldn't be so focused trying not to cancel just to leave negative feedback. This is against the Terms of Service as well. Simply, don't work with them again, or recommend them to other Buyers. The Sellers own actions will affect their negatively business more than anything.

Hope this helps! :)


Also another suggestion is to look at the seller’s response time. Is it closer to something like an hour or two? Or does the response time shows days or at the worst a week. As a seller might of recently had a vacation or a dry season in sales, I’d recommend the response time as an indicator of an active seller.


You need to see when they got there last order , if its over 1-2 months , don’t order the gig , and fiverr should have a feature where one can find out when a seller was last logged in , shall be helpful .


I’m giving up on Fiverr because of this very reason. Out of the dozens (and I mean DOZENS) of sellers I have contacted for work to be done, I have managed to get three gigs accomplished. And it’s not like I’m asking for much - favicons and animated gifs are apparently too much trouble for most of these so called “professional graphic designers”. It’s a waste of my time and I’m done messing with it. Most of the services being offered here can be done for free anyway with just a little bit of elbow grease.


If you’re after another hint that the seller is active then you can see if sellers are online using the Fiverr app. Sorry to hear of your frustrations, I do think it would be good that if a seller didn’t log in for 30 days or something then their gigs would be greyed out to indicate that they were not currently active.


Okay, you got me, I was hiding!

I am available, that is of course, if you need any of my gigs.

Most of the answers you’re looking for are above and they should be sufficient in helping you make a more informed decision.


Contact the seller first! If he doesn’t answer, move on!


You cannot always tell when a seller was last active by their last delivery. I sell to a lot of resellers that do not leave reviews, so it may sometimes look like I haven’t had a sale in days when in fact I’ve had seven that day, they just weren’t reviewed.


Reply to @blackfolder1:

Question: what if they are female? :wink:


Make a deal with you. Get rid of the modification button and we can get rid of cancellations.


Like the above have said, contact the seller first before placing an order. Just placing an order won’t guarantee fulfillment. It would be nice if the orders in queue feature were still present because that would possibly solve a lot of problems.

If you need something done asap, do a search for newbie sellers because chances are they will be more available than those already established.


i think its better to simply contact the seller, looking at the time the last order was delivered is deceptive and a times might be inaccurate.

sunshy1 said: fiverr should have a feature where one can find out when a seller was last logged in , shall be helpful .

This is a great suggestion! I'd recommend posting about in the suggesstion category! :)


Thanks for all the replies. I see a lot of you suggest that I contact the seller first. The problem I have is this…

Even when you do find a seller that reponds well and starts the job within 24 hours (and completes it in the advertised time), there is no guarantee they will do the same the next time you offer another gig to them.

For example, what I need are sellers who offer high-retention YouTube views by the 1000. So it’s a “specialised” area of sorts. Even so, there are a pool of 30 to 40 sellers who offer this on Fiverr. Now out of those 30 to 40, I’ve come across about a dozen timewasters who never started the gig and had to cancel. Eventually though, I found three good sellers. So with my budget of $5000 to $7000, I’m offering them regular gigs every few days, some of these are up to $50 with gig extras… You would think they’d jump at the chance of this regular pay… But now two of those three aren’t responding, not starting the gig for days afterwards, which is no good to me.

The third is the only professional who always responds within 12 hours, but he is only part of the chain and can’t start his work until one of the other two have finished theirs!!!

Pulling my hair out here!!! :((


Reply to @pappy12: One of the reasons for this is that Fiverr has been removing lots of the gigs that sell views/likes/follows. So, there are fewer of these gigs since many of them violate rules of 3rd party sites.


Reply to @inspiredtony: I agree. I was asked to give a review before the order was done and am still waiting for the final product 5 days later. Because of my review the order looks like it was done much sooner than it actually was. In the future I will ask the right questions before moving forward with order.


I think this is a good example how ONE CATEGORY of a gig can change over time. At one time there were tons of sellers for this type of gig. Now, google (youtube), facebook, and many other sites have come down hard on this practice and have demanded that fiverr remove these accounts. Purchasing views, likes, traffic, etc is against most of these sites TOS and all it takes is a one line sentence to Fiverr for the account to be removed. There are still some on fiverr but eventually they will be caught and removed from Fiverr.

So in many ways, you can put the blame squarely on sites like Google for the quality of this service diminishing on Fiverr.